ZTE Awe Camera Replacement

  • Step 1 Remove the back cover

    • Remove the back cover of the phone to expose the phone's mid-frame.

  • Step 2 Remove battery

    • Pry the battery up and out of the phone.

    Still Not Helping

  • Step 3 Remove the battery

    • Lift the battery out of the phone.

  • Step 4 Unscrew the mid frame

    • Use the Phillips Head 00 screw driver to unscrew the seven 0.1mm screws along the perimeter of the phone's mid frame.

  • Step 5 Separate the mid frame and the digitizer

    • Wedge the flat end of the spudger between the mid frame and the digitizer.

  • Step 6 Expose the motherboard

    • Gently pry the mid frame away from the rest of the phone to expose the motherboard.

  • Step 7 Remove the camera

    • Use the tweezers to grip the back facing camera. Gently pull until the camera is completely removed from the motherboard.