ZTE Awe Screen Replacement

  • Step 1 Detach the mid frame

    • Use the Phillips Head 00 screw driver to unscrew the seven 0.1mm screws from the phone's mid frame.

  • Step 2 Separate the mid frame and the digitizer

    • Wedge the flat end of the spudger between the mid frame and the digitizer.

  • Step 3 Expose the motherboard

    • Gently pry the mid frame away from the rest of the phone to expose the motherboard.

  • Step 4 Remove the ribbon wires

    • Use the tweezers to remove the four ribbon wires on the sides of the device.

  • Step 5 Orient the motherboard

    • Orient the motherboard to expose the mid frame.

  • Step 6 Remove the connector

    • Remove the connector to free the motherboard from the screen.

  • Step 7 Remove the cover

    • Remove the back cover from the phone.

  • Step 8 Remove battery

    • Pry the battery up and out of the phone.

  • Step 9

    • Gently wedge the spudger in between the glass screen and the mid frame.

  • Step 10 Separate the motherboard from the screen

    • Carefully pry the screen away from the motherboard.

  • Step 11 Remove the ribbons

    • Be careful when removing the ribbon wires. They are delicate.

  • Step 12 Remove the remaining ribbons

    • Remove the remaining two ribbon wires from their connectors.

  • Step 13 Expose the digitizer

    • Wedge the plastic spudger between the screen and the digitizer.

    • Gently pry apart the screen from the digitizer.

    Wrong instructions wound up breaking the frame thanks sooooooo much you don't need to remove the ribbons if you do you wind up breaking them and from there on I have no idea what the !&&* is going on

    I just replaced the screen on my AWE with this guide. There are 3 ribbon cables to remove,

    you have to open a flap to remove cable ( google it , if your not sure )

    The reason you remove motherboard is for the ribbon cable on the screen , it passes under


    Pry the screen as shown all around the phone, its glued on. Be careful you dont go too far

    under ( I scratched the digitizer underneath )

    Not that hard, just go slow. Fixed for 10 dollars vs 60 for new one.

    I don't understand how does that replace the broken screen?